So you’re a Greek chap in the North West of England?

Yup!  Born in Crete and then raised mostly in England.  My mum has inspired my cooking with a mix of English and Greek cuisine, but always with a focus on fun and comfort. 

Some of your photographs are pants; I hope your cooking is better than your photography!

Me too!  This blogging game is lots of fun, but unlike other types of blogs, food blogging requires plenty of photographs to help instruct and engage readers.  At the moment, I’m using a point and shoot Pentax Optio A20.  It’s gonna be a little while before I can get my flour-covered hands on a D-SLR camera, but when I do, you’ll see the difference right away.  Until then, I’ll just have to do my best with what I’ve got.

Why do you keep writing tspoon and tblspoon on your ingredient lists?

I’m impatient and tend to write ingredient lists as if I was jotting it down in my notepad.  Yes, I’m too lazy to write teaspoon and tablespoon.

How come everything is in grams?

I find it easier to work with grams and will do my best to convert everything before posting a recipe.  Sometimes I’ll use pounds; perhaps when using meat, but not often.

Why don’t you break down recipes into easy-to-follow instructions with numbers or bullet points?

I could, but there are hundreds of websites that do just that.  They’ll give you a printable recipe with numbered steps and every type of conversion for weights and measures imaginable.  I enjoy writing and sharing my feelings and opinions with readers.  This may be as simple as sharing a preference for a way of cooking something or an optional ingredient that I love.  If all you want is an a-b-c guide to cooking something, then my blog probably isn’t for you. 

I have some questions about your recipes/ what you’ve written.  How can I contact you?

You can email me: thelastpieceofcake@gmail.com

I’ve got an awesome recipe that you would love!  Can I send it to you?

Sure, I’m always up for cooking something new.  If you were happy for me to share it on the blog, I’d obviously credit you with the recipe.  It would be great to have other authors contribute their own posts to the blog, so maybe that’s something for the future too.

Do you cook and post every day?

Yes and no.  I cook every day.  I post when I’ve cooked something of note.  I won’t be blogging about egg and chips on a Tuesday (unless I get really short on material!), but recipes close to my heart, or food that’s fun to make and eat will definitely appear on the blog.  At the moment, I’m cooking a lot and posting as often as possible.  Come the winter, I plan to post at least once a week with a recipe and accompanying post worthy of your time.

Will you ever post recipes that you don’t like or didn’t work?

I don’t see the point of doing that.  If a recipe has worked, but I wasn’t keen on the outcome, then I’ll say so.  If a recipe was a disaster or not interesting/tasty then I won’t write about it.  I’d like readers to follow my blog for food they would like to try themselves.  I don’t think it’s fair to list recipes that people won’t like.

Is every recipe your own original idea?

I want The Last Piece of Cake to be a blog full of recipes that I have grown up with, recipes from my family, recipes from my own daily cooking and weekend experimenting.  Most of the time, I’ve started with a well-known or popular dish and written about how I like to cook it and the special things that I choose to add, or in some cases, omit.  Every now and again, I’ll write about a recipe I’ve found and tested.  Where another cook or food writer has been the source of inspiration, it’s only good and proper to give them credit.  If I’ve made changes to the recipe to suit my own taste or store cupboard, then I’ll write Adapted from… next to the recipe title.

Do I need a WordPress account to follow your blog? 

Nope. All you need to do is subscribe on the blog page.  There’s a button on the right hand side.  You’ll recieve the latest post by email everytime I publish it. 

Will you be able to see my personal details if I subscribe?

Nope.  I simply receive a notification to say that I have a subscriber.  No personal details are included in the notification.

Finally, what’s your favourite food?

Pizza!  Always has been.  Always will be.